L.E.A.D. Rural

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Source: LEAD Rural

L.E.A.D. Rural is a leadership development platform and tool box for action developed by the Leadership South Dakota Rural Initiative Team. The Tool Kit that was created provides resources and information necessary to jump start action and guide community leaders.

L.E.A.D. Rural has established the following guiding principles:


L.E.A.D. Rural is about change leadership—for individuals, organizations, and communities. While the skills and resources introduced in L.E.A.D. Rural will help in every phase of your life—family, work, and community—they are intended primarily to help you and your fellow citizens work better together for the common good.  L.E.A.D. Rural is designed for a broad range of citizens, making leadership training available to every person in a community. It is especially valuable for emerging leaders who want to learn new skills in order to address community issues; newcomers to a community who have not yet been asked to help; young people who want to work with others to bring about change; and established leaders who want to expand community engagement and work together for common purposes.

L.E.A.D. Rural was created with the awareness that many talented and resourceful citizen leaders need the necessary support and development to build and maintain a thriving community. We hope the resources provided in this Tool Kit will assist and support you in achieving your community goals.